The public art collection stimulates discussion, provides learning opportunities, and enriches campus life.

UBCO Gallery’s mandate includes a long-term vision for the campus’s community engagement strategy, to support the development of a core academic teaching and research program within the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

The gallery provides professional learning opportunities for students in the arts, attracts national and international professional artists to the Okanagan, and supports campus development and alumni engagement efforts. We are working to establish a visible, highly interactive opportunity for sustained community engagement in the heart of the Kelowna downtown’s “cultural district.”

Arts Education & Research

We seek to bring together the larger public, not just our own students, faculty and staff — but to become a fertile hub for interesting actors and ideas to create engaging projects that are relevant to the larger public. We foster professional arts education and research which can be shared with both national and international audiences and educational and artistic networks, and engage the public on both local and global social issues through creative and research-based practices.

Art History and Visual Culture (Bachelor of Arts)

The Art History and Visual Culture program offered by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies delves into the heart of human experience and identity, and its tangible expressions of cultural values, religious beliefs, and political agendas. The program offers a variety of global perspectives for exploring art and visual culture with course offerings on the arts of South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

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AJ Jaeger, Wanderlust

Public Art Collection

With a focus on Canadian contemporary art and the Okanagan’s emerging local artists, the University of British Columbia Okanagan’s Public Art collection holds one of the largest public art collections in the region.

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Story Poles

Outdoor Art Collection

Our outdoor collection engages the public and showcases our art collection. These outdoor artworks tell the story of the relationship between UBC and the Okanagan, and are part of our commitment to bring art into everyday life.

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